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Root Collar & Mulch Volcano Excavation

Less is more when it comes to mulch. Trees have what's considered a root collar. Buried root collars that are covered in too much mulch are a common tree problem we come across. If you live in the Lehigh Valley or surrounding areas, we can help with root collar and mulch volcano excavation.

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We have been doing this for over 35 years. We know the quickest, yet safe, way to remove trees from any size property.

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Safety for our customers and employees, as well as protection for both properties is something we take seriously.

What is Root Collar and Mulch Volcano Excavation

You may be asking yourself, "What is a root collar?" Root collar or root flare, is the area of roots at the trunk or base of a tree. It's this base area that spans out to become roots that are underground beneath the tree. If the root collar area is healthy, you will see a clean area that extends from the base of the tree trunk. If this area is buried by mulch, it's not healthy and can be problematic for the tree.

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"I called Belles Tree to have him assess the health of a few trees on our property. He informed me that these trees were diseased and posed a bigger risk of coming down on our house and garage than I anticipated. We decided to remove the trees that were too far gone and to trim back the remaining trees. These guys are a master of their craft- very careful with navigating our small yard and quickly completed their job. Best decision I ever made calling them." - Jessica M

What Leads to Mulch Volcanoing?

Root collars can become buried from too much mulch which leads to mulch volcano. This is when too much mulch, leaves and dirt build up at the base of the tree and it buries the root collar. Root collars can also develop from trees being planted too deeply. Regardless of how the root collar started, it's not healthy for trees and the tree may require mulch volcano excavation.

Problems that develop from root collar include:

  • Too much moisture at the trunk of the tree. Tree trunks should remain above ground so water can run off. Too much moisture can damage them. It's the roots that need saturation, not the trunk.

  • Tree trunk cells can suffocate from too much water and moisture that develop with root collar. Damage prevents the cells from working properly.

  • If the trunk remains wet, the roots will start to grow at the base of the tree and can suffocate it. They can also start girdling. This is when roots stop exchanging nutrients, water and food in the areas between the roots and the tree trunk.

  • With a lack of nutrients, food, and water from girdling roots, the tree can start to die as its cells are no longer functioning properly.

  • When trees become sick, they cannot sustain themselves and fight off attacks from disease, insects, harmful bacteria and fungi which can exacerbate their frail state.

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