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Land Clearing and Brush Removal Services

Removing leaf and brush piles can be time consuming and cumbersome. Your yard, gutters and driveway can be filled with leaves. Depending on your area, there are specific collection guidelines in some neighborhoods for bag weights, bundles and disposal of branch and limb sizes. This can make it difficult to determine if you've collected your leaf and brush debris in the right manner. Because you don't want to risk a fine, you may want to leave it to the experts. When you need leaf and brush removal, contact Belles Tree Service.

Clearing Land Brush Benefits

At Belles Tree Service, we handle all kinds of brush removal and clearing. That means you can leave the clean up work to us! Belles Tree Service works all throughout the Lehigh Valley area. We specialize in clearing brush leaf piles, thinning out and trimming trees and bushes, and removing underbrush.

There are several benefits to using a brush removal and brush clearing service. These include:

  • Increasing the value of the property

  • Enhancing the visual "curb appeal" of the property

  • Allowing for safer walkways and reduced pests and rodents

  • Creating and contributing to a cleaner and safer environment

Reliable, Professional & Insured

Removing Thick Brush on Your Own

Whether it's a commercial or residential service that you need, at Belles Tree Service, we have the licensed, trained staff and equipment to help with brush removal and clearing, tree removal and maintenance, tree trimming, snow removal and other services.

In business for over 45 years, our team of professionals is ready to help with the upkeep and routine maintenance for your property. We can even come out for emergency tree removal after a storm. You can reach us 24-hours a day. Ready to set up an appointment? Call us now at (610) 434-8118. We look forward to serving you. Your trees are our #1 priority.

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