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Tree Stump Removal Services

Tree stumps are not only unsightly, but they can be dangerous to people who trip over them. They can also be cumbersome if you are mowing the lawn. At Belles Tree Service, we have a stump removal service and a stump grinding service. If you live in the Pennsylvania, we can help you with your tree stump and root removal.

Excavation for Tree Stumps and Roots

When you have an unsightly stump that you would like to have removed, we use a process called stump grinding. Our equipment actually helps to remove the stump in its entirety no matter how big it is or where it's located. Stump grinding equipment has engines that are super strong and the teeth quickly grind up a tree stump no matter the size. The grinders actually go deep into the earth to ensure all of the roots are also removed. The area will be stump-free when we are finished and you can fill in the area with plants, sod, shrubs or new trees. This is also beneficial if you have an unsightly tree stump that is causing roots to grow out of your sidewalk, pathway or other visible areas.

Even if you have a tree stump in a hard to reach area, we can help with stump extraction. Portable stump grinders are smaller and more compact. They are also the right size to ensure that we're able to navigate through your property if your tree stump is in an area where a traditional stump remover won't fit. Not to worry, the portable stump remover can help if you have a stump between two structures.

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Removal of the Root and Root Systems

In addition to stump grinding and stump removal, we can help to remove roots and root balls. Root balls are the large cluster of roots that develop in the soil. The mass can sometimes be very large depending on the size of the tree that was in place. If the root ball is small, we can grind it and remove it. For larger root balls we may need to use a crane to excavate the area.

The tree shavings that are left behind are usually great for mulch, dog kennels, compost piles and even gardens. If you would like the tree shavings removed, please let us know and we will include it with the stump grinding and removal service.

If you have unsightly tree stumps and roots that need to be removed, contact Belles Tree Service. We can provide you with a free estimate on our stump grinding service, as well as stump removal services that we have to offer. We can send one of our ISA Certified Arborists to examine the area on your property. That way we have an accurate idea of the type of equipment that we will need for the stump or root removal.

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