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Tree Removal Service Near Me

At Belles Tree, we adhere by strict guidelines set up by industry safety standards for tree removal. Our trained team of professionals specializes in tree removal and tree cutting. If you live in the Lehigh Valley or surrounding areas, please contact us for your tree removal project.

Hazardous and Dead Tree Removal

Trees can beautify your property and increase its value. However, from time to time, trees may need to be removed or cut down. Tree removal can include cutting a tree down to its stump, chipping off and removing the branches and cutting up the trunk into small pieces. To safely cut and remove trees requires a great deal of precision, training, and years of expertise, especially when dealing with a dead tree

There are different factors to consider with tree removal to safely and efficiently remove a damaged tree from your property. Our goal is to minimize the disturbance to your property with tree removal. We know you value your property and it is an investment. With your tree removal, we will thoroughly clean the site after the tree has been cut down so the area looks clean and ready to plant new trees, shrubs or sod.

Reliable, Professional & Insured

When Tree Removal is Necessary

There are a number of reasons to remove trees. These include:

  • If a tree has died: It's best to remove dead trees because they can pose a risk in falling onto property and injuring people and pets. Branches on dead tree are also very dangerous because heavy snow and high winds can cause them to fall onto homes, vehicles and power lines. To protect your well-being, it's best to remove dead trees right away.

  • If a tree is dying: There are several ways to help treat a dying tree. These can include mulching volcano excavation, clearing the root collar, soil improvement programs, proper fertilization, and soil testing. If nothing can be done for the tree, it's best to remove it before any major storms.

  • If a tree shows signs of heavy damage: A tree can be affected by severe wind, lightning strikes, heavy rain and heavy snow fall. If a tree cannot be anchored with cabling or tree bracing, removal is best to prevent injury.

  • If a tree shows warning signs: Warning signs to look for include weak roots and stumps, hollow areas and splitting. Trees can be evaluated by our ISA Certified Arborists to see what if anything can be done. In the event they suggest tree removal is necessary, this is another reason to cut the tree down right away.

  • If tree growth direction may cause harm: Trees that are near homes, cars and other structures or power lines should be monitored. A tree that has branches growing in the wrong direction can be redirected or trimmed, but if the tree is posing a risk to property, power lines or if it may cause other hazards, it should be removed.

  • If it will prevent an addition or expansion: At times trees need to be removed if they will conflict with an addition to the home or to a place of business. Trees are sometimes removed if they will likely have roots that may crack foundations in sidewalks, driveways and walkways.

  • If it will increase the property value: A diseased or dying tree can bring down the aesthetic appeal for a property. It may help to have the tree removed to enhance the "curb appeal" as landscaping tends to raise a property's value by as much as 20%.

When you are ready to set up a free consultation, contact Belles Tree Service. We will arrange for our ISA Certified Arborist to discuss your tree removal options.

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