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Soil Assessment Test and Soil Improvement Program

Not sure what kind of soil you have? You may benefit from a soil assessment test and soil improvement program. By testing your soil, we can determine the types of nutrients that are present and what your soil may be lacking. If you have trees and shrubs that aren't growing, it may be that there's a problem in the soil that will show up in a soil test. Soil is a crucial element to a tree's growth. In order for trees and shrubs to thrive, the soil should be healthy. But what makes soil healthy?

​Healthy Soil Benefits

Healthy soil has a few key factors including a good soil food web, enough water to reach thirsty roots, proper aeration, adequate water, soil pH, and an ample amount of nutrients.

At Belles Tree Service, with our soil testing and soil improvement program, we will work to create proper growing conditions ideal for your specific types of trees and shrubs. If you live in the Lehigh Valley or surrounding areas, you may benefit from our soil testing and soil improvement program.

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Testing Your Soil's Nutrients

  • Adequate Amounts of Water: Water is necessary for trees and shrubs to not only survive, but thrive. In assessing the soil, we will test the water levels to ensure saturation for trees and shrubs.

  • Ample Nutrients: Plants, trees, grass and shrubs all need nutrients to survive. There are about sixteen common elements that we look for to ensure proper development and growth. These include oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. In our soil assessment tests we will develop a soil improvement program to add the necessary elements your soil may be deficient in.

  • A Strong Soil Food Web: In the soil is the soil food web. This is a network of living organisms that work together to break down the complex materials in the soil. As nutrients are then converted and broken down, the plants, shrubs and trees absorb the soil organisms. In the complex network, we look at ways to rebuild and sustain the soil food web. Our soil improvement program ensures that the trees and shrubs will have the appropriate organisms required to sustain their growth and also help them to thrive.

  • Proper Aeration: Oxygen is vital for all living organisms. As there are levels of oxygen in the soil food web, this can help tree and shrub roots to survive. This can be difficult to achieve and balance out in urban and suburban neighborhoods where construction, landscaping and foot traffic can affect the soil's aeration. With a lack of oxygen in the soil, this can damage trees and shrubs. As we test the soil, we will look for methods to increase the oxygen to the ground.

At Belles Tree Service, our goal is to create the proper balance that your trees and shrubs will need to thrive and grow. By testing the soil this can help us to determine what elements or nutrients may be lacking to ensure a proper balance to soil and roots.

When you are ready to have your soil tested, contact us for a free consultation. One of our ISA Certified Arborists can test your soil and discuss a soil improvement program for your property. Contact us today!

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