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Shrub and Tree Fertilization Services

You might be wondering if all trees and shrubs need fertilizer? That all depends on the types of trees and shrubs on your property. With flowering trees and some types of shrubs, fertilizer can supply them with too much nitrogen and they may not get enough phosphorus. While trees and shrubs will need essential elements to help them to grow, finding the right mix can prove challenging. Fortunately, our ISA Certified Arborists use fertilization services to help maintain trees and shrubs.

Our Fertilization Services

At Belles Tree Service, we offer tree and shrub fertilization services to prevent problems with unhealthy soil or other soil-related problems. Our goal is to replenish nutrients in the soil and also to rebuild the soil food web.

Nutrients can help the plants to grow and provide for them right away, while the trees have their overall health addressed with rebuilding the soil food web. By using this two-part combination with fertilizers, we're providing nourishment both to the plants and the trees!

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Fertilizer Factors to Consider

In selecting fertilizer products, we carefully consider many parameters. These include:

  • Content that is low in nitrogen and has a low salt level to it: This helps to ensure that we don't promote growth that's too fast, which can give rise to pests, disease and other problems.

  • Content that doesn't have phosphorus: Soil generally may not need phosphorus.

  • Content that is organic or all natural: These generally provide increased levels of nutrition to the soil.

  • Content that has micro nutrients: Essential to plants, shrubs and trees, these aid in growth.

  • Content that has microbes, organic matter, and humates (compost, peat, organic ooze, and bio-humus): These elements are helpful to healing the soil food web.

Fertilization Techniques

In fertilizing trees and shrubs, we have a variety of methods that we use. Deep root fertilization can help to push nutrients deep into the soil through a feeding rod. This helps when there are complex root systems. Granular fertilizer is a way to use root collar excavation and aeration when deep root fertilizer isn't an option. Soil drench is another method that can serve as a way to open the soil to ensure vital nutrients will reach the roots.

At Belles Tree Service, we work with our ISA Certified Arborists to help ensure the right types of fertilizers are applied to promote proper tree and shrub growth. When the wrong types of fertilizers are used, this can disrupt the normal growth cycle and expose trees and shrubs to increased bouts of disease, pests and even death.

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