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Fresh Wood Chips for Around Shrub and Tree Mulching

We are often asked, "What is the best thing I can do for my trees and shrubs?" The correct answer is one word – MULCH.


Mulch restores a critical element to the natural environment of shrubs and trees. Tree mulching and shrub mulching gives them organic materials and nutrients. For young trees and shrubs, this is essential to their post-planting upkeep and care.

Increase the Life and Longevity of Trees or Shrubs

Mulch has several benefits including:

  • Retaining the moisture in the soil, cooling soil temperatures in the summer, adding warmth to roots in the winter, improving structure of the soil and restoring balance to the nutrient levels

  • Minimizing the risk of "mower blight," which can occur if the roots of trees or shrubs are damaged from string trimmers and lawn mowers

  • Conserving moisture in the roots of trees and shrubs, minimizing weed and turf grass competition, and adding organic matter to the soil

  • Improving the landscape aesthetic appeal of the property

With so many benefits, mulching is one of the easiest ways to increase the life and longevity of trees or shrubs. Although mulching is pretty straight forward, it has to be applied properly to ensure the life of the tree or shrub. The wrong type of mulch can kill a tree or shrub and likewise, if too much mulch is applied, a condition considered "mulch volcano," can also kill the tree or shrub.

When you need tree and shrub mulching, contact Belles Tree Service.

At Belles Tree Service, we offer mulching services to our clients in the Lehigh Valley area. We will be happy to send an ISA Certified Arborist to your commercial or residential property for a free evaluation.

Reliable, Professional & Insured

Consider Belles Tree

Whether you need commercial or residential services, Belles Tree Service has the licensed, trained staff and equipment to help with tree and shrub mulching, brush removal and clearing, tree removal and maintenance, tree trimming, snow removal and other services.

In the tree service industry for over 45 years, our team of professionals is ready to help with the upkeep and maintenance of your property. We can even help with emergency tree removal after storms. We are reachable 24-hours a day. When you're ready to set up your appointment, you can call us at (610) 434-8118.

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